Trading Online Voucher for Small

& Micro Businesses

LEO’s Trading Online Voucher

‘Local Enterprise Offices (LEO’s) Trading Online Voucher is a scheme, designed to assist small and microenterprises (10 or less employees) by offering financial assistance of up to €2,500 towards training and advice to help businesses trade online. For more information or to check if your small business is eligible please visit your local LEO website.’

DRIVE provides E-marketing, E-Commerce, Website and Landing Page Services - Book an appointment now for more.

Mailchimp Email Marketing and Smart Marketing Platform Services.

If your business already uses Mailchimp for email, DRIVE can help you grow your marketing using Mailchimp’s new automated email customer journey builder that delivers better customer experiences. Mailchimp supports hundreds of integrations this means a seamless communication between your E-commerce store for example and your audience on Mailchimp. Mailchimp offers free and affordable monthly rates to clients, for more visit.

DRIVE is also certified by Mailchimp for its new all in one smart marketing platform.

The Mailchimp Smart Marketing Platform (CRM) has website and email templates that are free to use and a feature called creative assistant that builds assets/ designs for you, based on your brand guidelines that you can edit for each campaign. It also creates image ads in all social media formats (50+ different sizes) so you don’t need to resize anything, you just select the platform you are posting to and Mailchimp creates that artwork in the correct format. You can also manage your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts directly from your Mailchimp account! It can be automated to post directly for you when the social media platforms are integrated with Mailchimp. If you are interested learning more about Mailchimp Email Marketing or Mailchimp’s Smart Marketing Platform and Website services please get in touch today!

How DRIVE Fundraising & Marketing uses Mailchimp:

  • DRIVE’s website, this website was created on Mailchimp and is hosted by Mailchimp.

  • DRIVE markets to its database of contacts via Mailchimp.

  • DRIVE uses integrations from our Mailchimp account to our Google Analytics account for example.

  • DRIVE has a book online page on this website, its part of our monthly business plan with Mailchimp.

  • DRIVE creates digital assets on Mailchimp for use in email marketing and social media marketing.


DRIVE does not work exclusively with Mailchimp, however its a great package for small and micro businesses! Please do contact us for our other Direct Marketing Services for more visit - Direct Marketing -

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